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In tip of pen comes from Mario's passion ...

... for wood , a living material made by nature to which it manages to give new life and new shape through the use of a lathe ...

... and for pens , objects that come from the past but will be the tool to "write" the future.

Pens to tell who we are and who we dream of being, to communicate emotions, feelings, desires that the computer keyboard is unable to convey.

Pens to write "the words we never said" and to return to a past that will make a difference in the future.

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where they come from

Mario realizza una penna originale ed unica nel suo genere, utilizzando pigne alle quali gli scoiattoli hanno mangiato le foglie.

Penne realizzate non solo  utilizzando il tornio ma anche la collaborazione sapiente di  piccoli animali, che donano a queste  realizzazioni, quella naturale eleganza che solo a loro appartiene.

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